Industrial Water Use and Treatment Guidebook


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Industrial uses of water are many: in cooling towers, condensers and boilers, as process and wash fluids and more. Treatment of water is often needed, to prevent corrosion for example, and for reuse or disposal. With water scarcity as a serious global challenge, efforts to conserve, treat and reuse water, as well as to reclaim water via desalination are leading to new technological advancements.

This collection of articles from Chemical Engineering and POWER magazines presents a timely and informative overview of global efforts on industrialwater-related topics. It includes articles on cooling water, boilers, water conservation, wastewater treatment, some of the latest technological advancements and more.

Delivered in a PDF format. 199 pages.

Articles include:

Section One

Wastewater Sludge Centrifugation Before Drying
The decanter centrifuge is an important piece of equipment for sludge volume reduction prior to thermal drying. Understanding centrifuge operation helps manage drying energy costs

Biological Wastewater Treatment: Maintaining the Needed Microorganism Population
Activated sludge processes are inherently complex. Proper system design