Vehicle-to-Grid: Linking Electric Vehicles to the Smart Grid


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Vehicle-to-Grid: Linking Electric Vehicles to the Smart Grid provides an integrated treatment of smart grid using electric vehicles by exploring the connection between the stationary grid and PEV power storage.

Plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles (PEVs) have the potential to provide substantial storage to a city’s grid, a key component in mitigating intermittency issues of power sources. However the batteries of these vehicles also need to be charged at times for when their users need them. As a result, V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is becoming an important issue in the future grid.

Topics covered include:

• the impact of PEVs and V2G on smart grid and renewable energy systems
• distributed energy resource with PEV battery energy storage in the smart grid
• power conversion technology in smart grid and PEVs
• power control and monitoring of smart grid with PEVs
• PEV charging technologies and V2G on distributed energy resources
• utility interfaces
• economic, social and environmental dimensions of PEVs in the smart grid

312 pages

Published August, 2015

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