The Digital Power Plant Guidebook: Focus on Advanced Controls, Data Science, and Analytics


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This guidebook exclusively features digital power plant articles, including full charts, photographs, graphs and step-by-step instructions, previously featured in POWER magazine.

Delivered in a PDF format. 42 pages.

Articles include:

Big Data and the Industrial Internet Meet the Power Plant
For several years now, deriving value from “big data” has been a concern for executives focused on the distribution side of electric utilities. It was only a matter of time before generating units and fleets also had the capability to collect, analyze, and act upon huge volumes of near-real-time data. That time has come.

Optimize Power Plant Operations with Industrial Data Management and Predictive Analytics
Power companies that leverage existing data generation and collection tools for input into predictive analytics software are achieving early warning notification of potential equipment problems days, weeks, or months before failure.

I4GEN: EPRI’s Power Plant of Tomorrow Concept
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) calls its vision of the future—a more digitally connected one—I4GEN (for “Integrating Information for Insight and Intelligence for Generation”).

Artificial Intelligence Boosts Plant IQ
Neural networks have already found practical application in many plants, and recent advancements in artificial intelligence promise to shape the design of the next generation of power plant supervisory controls. Will future plant operators be fashioned from silicon?

Cyber Threats Proving Their Power over Power Plant Operational Technology
The threats to power industry operations—and the reliable supply of power that we all depend upon for daily life—are no longer theoretical. A roughly 250% spike in reported industrial control system incidents over the past four years demonstrates that regulations alone will not protect power infrastructure. Everyone who works in this industry needs to develop higher awareness and skills.

Secure Connectivity Solution “Cloaks” Power Facility Networks
One of the persistent challenges for power sector cybersecurity is integrating operational and information technology teams and functions, especially when they include remote or third-party systems. A new military-grade security approach provides industrial control system security without compromising ease of daily operations.

Digital Power Plant as Component of the Industrial Internet

Comprehensive Asset Management for Nuclear Plants
Asset management means different things to different people. But it boils down to converting raw data and observations about equipment and components into information and knowledge that is then used, propagated, and shared by workers and digital components to manage performance. Nuclear plants have special asset management needs, given the level of their safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements.

3D Visualization Could Benefit Plant Inspection Programs

LIDAR and 3D Modeling Produce Precise Designs
Retrofit projects are often very time-consuming, both for the engineers who must take numerous field measurements to produce drawings and for the contractor that must fabricate each assembly on site. A more cost-effective approach is to begin with a highly accurate set of as-built 3D models produced by laser scanning technology.

Intelligent Monitoring of Distribution and Emergency Power Systems Improves Availability

New Digital Meters Replace Old Analog Meters
Industrial Wireless Sensors: A User’s Perspective