Safety in the Power Generation Industry


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This guidebook exclusively features articles detailing actions that must be taken for a safe working environment in the power generation industry. It includes full charts, photographs, graphs and step-by-step instructions, brought to you by the editors of POWER magazine.

Published in January, 2016.

Delivered in a PDF, 64 pages.

Topics Include:

  • Safety Is Not an Accident
  • Fire Safety in Modern Hydroelectric Stations
  • Suing for (Pipeline) Safety
  • Plant Safety: Learn from the Mistakes of Others
  • A Safety Milestone at NV Energy
  • Safety Implications of Coal and Biomass Fuel Mixes
  • Safe Work Practices in Confined Spaces at Power Plants
  • Real-time Proactive Safety in Construction
  • What Are the Safety Rules for Anyway?
  • CSB Releases Hot Work Safety Notice
  • Safety Measurement: Culture Shaping or Failure Avoidance?
  • Hazard Recognition and Control: Improving Safety’s Bottom Line
  • New Renewable Projects Face Old Safety Hazards
  • How Do Safety Leaders and Managers Create a Culture of Safety?
  • Conveyor Inspections: Could a Contractor Help You?
  • Best Practices for Aligning Safety Metrics, Incentives, and Performance
  • Minimizing Coal Dust Combustion Hazards: Lessons from Laramie River Station
  • Making Sense of New Arc Flash Protection Rules
  • Balancing Risk, Reliability, and Safety at Plants Slated for Retirement
  • Focus on Electrical Arc FlashProtection Solutions