POWER’s Workforce Collection: Development, Skills, Training and Recruitment


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Quickly locate all articles on development, skills, training and recruitment specific to the power generation industry in this PDF guidebook. Articles were originally published in POWER magazine and compiled for your convenience.

Delivered in a PDF format, 22 pages.


Table of Contents

  • Women Are Essential to a Thriving Power Generation Sector

With the increasing number of technical and economic changes affecting the power industry, the value of women in the workforce has never been higher. This follow-up to our 2008 special report, “Workforce Management Lessons from Women in Power Generation,” looks at how having women visible throughout the industry can make it more successful.

  • POWER’s 2015 Women in Power Generation Survey

How do women in the power generation business—in power plants and in the vendor community—view their jobs in this male-dominated industry? In what is likely the first survey open to women across the industry, they told us.

  • Power Plant Boot Camp: Training the Next Generation of Leaders and Managers

At every stage along the power plant promotion track, individuals assuming new leadership positions can find themselves unprepared to deal with new responsibilities. From contracts and regulatory and financial responsibilities to managing those who used to be peers, this article addresses common challenges and best practice solutions to ensure the success of your team.

  • New Technology Is Key to Recruiting New Power Workforce

With so many career options to choose from, what can the power generation industry do to draw young people into the fold? Well, if you visit a modern educational institution, you may find that technology and advanced simulators can make the profession seem pretty inviting.

  • Veterans Bring Needed Skills to the Utility Industry

As reports abound about the aging workforce in U.S. power plants, ex-military personnel offer battle-tested dependability and proven leadership to an industry in need of their skills.

  • EPCE: An Extra Tool for Workforce Development