POWER’s Country Report


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It is critical that today’s industry professionals exchange ideas and experiences to help increase productivity, encourage technological development, and improve on best practices. Whether a business is regional or global, more knowledge can be gained from worldwide information exchange than from limited regional knowledge.

Delivered in a PDF format, 105 pages.

Articles Include:

China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Pushes Power Industry in New Directions

Abundant Clean Energy Fuels Brazil’s Growth

Vietnam Works Hard to Power Economic Growth

Chile’s Power Challenge: Reliable Energy Supplies

China’s Power Generators Face Many Business Barriers

Post-Fukushima Nuclear Power Development in China

Renewable Energy Development Thrives During China’s 12th Five-Year Plan

The Russian Power Revolution

Wind Power Incidents in China: Investigation and Solutions

China Wrestles with Power Shortages

China’s Shale Gas Development Outlook and Challenges

Germany’s Energiewende at a New Turning Point

The Energy Industry in Xinjiang, China: Potential, Problems, and Solutions

New Zealand’s Geothermal Industry Is Poised for the Future

Mexico’s Electricity Sector Reform in Perspective

Southeast Asia’s Energy Juggernaut

UK Struggles to Attract Low-Carbon Investment

Japan Ramps Up Renewables

Power in India: Opportunities and Challenges in a Fast-Growing Market

Indonesia: Energy Rich and Electricity Poor