POWER Guidebook: Focus on Gas


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This PDF guidebook features gas-related articles originally published in POWER magazine. Included are full charts, photographs, graphs and step-by-step instructions for quick and handy reference.

Topics include shale gas development outlook and challenges, how shale gas can help an economy, Europe embracing shale, the natural gas trade, utility options for leveraging natural gas, plus much more.

Table of Contents:

  • China’s Shale Gas Development Outlook and Challenges

Developing and using shale gas could alleviate fossil fuel shortfalls in China, enhance that nation’s energy security, and contribute to economic and social development. Though the government has plans to utilize its buried shale resources, significant barriers to that plan remain.

  • How Shale Gas Has Helped Pennsylvania’s Economy
  • Shale: The Rock That Rocked the World

In little more than a decade, the discovery of economic methods to extract natural gas from shale has exploded traditional assumptions about the world’s energy future and reversed trends across the power business. But the shift has only just be-gun, and more big changes are on the way.

  • Europe Embraces Shale
  • The Shale Gas Revolution Continues
  • Is Shale Gas Shallow or the Real Deal?
  • The Northeast’s Natural Gas Challenge
  • THE BIG PICTURE: The Natural Gas Trade
  • Utility Options for Leveraging Natural Gas

For many utilities there is a razor-thin difference in the price of electricity generated by natural gas and by coal. Slight changes in fuel price can therefore produce dramatic swings in production costs, creating market opportunities for utilities with both gas- and coal-fired assets and assured fuel supplies. Utilities considering new gas-fired assets have several options.

  • New England Struggles with Gas Supply Bottlenecks

New England’s big push toward gas-fired power collided hard with its historical pipeline constraints this past winter, leaving multiple generators unable to respond to start-up requests from ISO-New England during a major storm. In the wake of the episode, the region is looking for some long-term solutions.

  • About That Gas-Fired Power Boom

The U.S. gas market served up an emphatic reminder of its traditional volatility this winter, as unusually severe weather sent regional spot prices spiraling to record highs. Despite the boom in production from shale, the sector remains handicapped by constraints that are unlikely to ease in the near term.


34 pages, delivered in a PDF format.