HRSG- Heat Recovery Steam Generators Design and Operations, 2nd Edition


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This PDF guidebook provides an introduction for all aspects of heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) engineering. Coverage ranges from market surveys, heat balances and mechanical design to operation of HRSGs. Both theory and practical applications are covered, giving engineers the proper guidance needed to design and operate HRSG power plants.

The 2nd edition guidebook begins with a market review of HRSGs and includes an introduction of the balance of a plant, overall efficiency of steam and the gas turbine cycle.

Delivered in a PDF format, 93 pages. Published August, 2015. 


Design Coverage:

• Pressure levels

• Drum type boiler vs. once through boiler

• Pinch Point method

• Design of the duct

• Tube diameter, fin dimensions and tube pitches

• Corrosion and Fouling

• Gas Side Pressure Drop

• Pressure drop on water side

• Natural circulation

• Forced through circulation

• Designing of heating surfaces

• Noise and vibration problems at heat exchanger

• Regenerative feed water preheating vs. condensate preheating

• Duct burner

• Ductwork and casing

• Environmental considerations


Operation Coverage:

• Start up

• Purging

• Life Cycle Fatigue

• Control systems

• Load change

• Example of a load change with duct burner

• Shut down 

 About the author:

Christian Daublebsky von Eichhain is a senior engineer at consulting engineering firm KED. He received a B. Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) and a M. Sc. (Power Plant Engineering) from the Technical University of Munich, Germany and has published several scientific papers.
Beneath creating individual company orientated software solutions, the author organizes inhouse traning courses
for the customers and furthermore HRSG User meetings” worldwide. Next: December 2015 in India.

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