Combustion Turbines & Combined Cycles Guidebook


This guidebook exclusively features combustion turbine and combined cycle articles

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This guidebook exclusively features combustion turbines and combined cycle articles, including full charts, photographs, graphs and step-by-step instructions, previously featured in POWER magazine.

Available in a PDF format. 98 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Siemens G-Class Technology Builds for the Future
  • Detecting and Solving Lube Oil Varnish Problems
  • Field Application of Compressor Coatings Saves Big Dollars
  • Advanced Modeling Tools Slash Combustor Analysis Chores
  • Computer Simulation of HRSGs Can Improve O&M
  • Solving Fouling Problems with an HRSG Upgrade
  • Flexible Fuel Combustor Design Accommodates LNG
  • Combined-Cycle Carbon Capture: Options and Costs, Part I
  • Tuning Ammonia Flow to Optimize SCR Performance
  • Improving SCR Performance on Simple-Cycle Combustion Turbines
  • Flexible Turbine Operation Is Vital for a Robust Grid
  • Selecting Your Next Combustion Turbine
  • The T-Point Plant: The Ultimate Validation Test
  • K-Power Upgrades Combined- Cycle Automatic Generation Controls
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Natural Gas Fuel Cleanliness
  • Microturbine Technology Matures
  • A Proposed Definition of CHP Efficiency
  • Cheng Cycle Flirts with 2 ppm NOx— and CO
  • Fluid Dynamics of the HRSG Gas Side
  • O&M Staff Keep their Cool at Alaskan Plant
  • Gas Turbine “Refueling” via IGCC
  • Designing HRSG Desuperheaters for Performance and Reliability
  • Designing HRSGs for Cycling


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