Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Smart Grids

Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Smart Grids

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The use of advanced technologies such as Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) have made it possible to transform the power grid to an intelligent Smart Grid with realtime control and monitoring of the system. The development of PMUs and the resulting possibility of real time measurements have enabled different power system applications to enhance the stability, state estimation, load estimation, power network protection, wide-area security assessment, and reliability of the power grid. This essential reading explores the application of PMUs in power systems, allowing synchronized real-time measurements of multiple remote measurement points on the grid in power systems.
Published: March 2017, 368 pages

Topics covered include:

* Synchrophasors for improving the performance of power systems
* Optimal reliability criterion index (ORC) for optimal placement of phasor measurement Units (PMU)
* Wide area measurement based power network protection
* Synchrophasor assisted visualization and protection of power systems
* PMU measurements for enhanced power grid monitoring and protection
* Fault monitoring, detection and correction using synchrophasor measurements in modern power systems
* Transmission line fault detection, classification and localization in smart power grids
* PMU-based vulnerability assessment of power systems
* Synchrophasor applications for load estimation and stability analysis
* State estimation in the presence of synchronized measurement
* PMU based wide-area security assessment

Table of Contents:
1) Synchrophasors for Improving the Performance of Power System / P.K.Agarwal,
2) An Optimal Reliability Criterion Index (ORC) for Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) for Full Observability of Power Grid / Ranganath Vallakati, Prakash Ranganathan
3) Wide Area Measurement based Power Network Protection / Pratim Kundu, Saumendra Sarangi and Ashok Kumar Pradhan
4) Synchrophasor Assisted Visualization and Protection of Power Systems / Sukumar Brahma
5) Using PMU Measurements for Enhanced Power Grid Monitoring and Protection / Xiangqing Jiao, Yuan Liao
6) Fault Monitoring, Detection and Correction Using Synchrophasor Measurements in Modern Power Systems / Anupam Mukherjee, Prakash Ranganathan
7) Transmission Line Fault Detection, Classification and Localization in Smart Power Grids Using Synchrophasor Measurements / Gopakumar Pathirikkat1, Maddikara Jaya Bharata Reddy, Dusmanta Kumar Mohanta
8) PMU-Based Vulnerability Assessment of Power Systems / Guanqun Wang*, Chen-Ching Liu*, Evangelos Farantatos**, and Navin Bhatt**
9) Synchrophasor Applications For Load Estimation And Stability Analysis / Tushar, H. Lee, P. Banerjee, And A. K. Srivastava
10) State Estimation in The Presence of Synchronized Measurement / Sanjeev Kumar Mallik, Saikat Chakrabarti, Sri Niwas Singh
11) PMU Based Wide-Area Security Assessment / S. R. Samantaray, *Innocent Kamwa, **Geza Joos

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