POWER’s 2016 Top Plants Guidebook- 2016

2016 Top Plants Guidebook- 2016



It is critical that today’s industry professionals exchange ideas and experiences to help increase productivity, encourage technological development, and improve on best practices. Whether a business is regional or global, more knowledge can be gained from worldwide information exchange than from limited regional knowledge.

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Düsseldorf’s Lausward Power Plant Fortuna Unit Wins POWER’s Highest Award
Düsseldorf’s new “Block Fortuna” at the Lausward Power Plant, owned by municipal utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, is setting records and giving Germany’s coal-fired power plants some much-needed competition for backing up the nation’s large percentage of variable renewable power.

Attaqa Power Plant, Suez City, Egypt
Owner/operator: East Delta Electricity Production Co.
To alleviate chronic power shortages, the first gas turbine unit at this fast-tracked 640-MW plant was synchronized to the grid within a record-breaking 159 days—two days ahead of schedule.

Cane Run Generating Station Unit 7, Louisville, Kentucky
Owner/operator: Louisville Gas and Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities

Chivasso Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turin, Italy
Owner/operator: A2A
When a plant goes into mothballs—especially because of poor economics—it’s often a harbinger of impending retirement. Upgrades to improve performance may help, but in changing markets, returns can be highly uncertain. Italian energy firm A2A partnered with GE to return one plant to profitability with a combination of hardware improvements and cloud-based analytics.

ETHYDCO Power Plant, Alexandria, Egypt
Owner/operator: APR Energy
Within roughly 90 days, APR Energy set up a 60-MW turnkey power plant—complete with novel natural gas filtration and compression solutions—to support the operations of a massive Egyptian polyethylene plant until a bigger, permanent power plant can be built.

Linden Generating Station, Linden, New Jersey
Owner/operator: PSEG
New Jersey’s second-largest power plant has been a leader since it opened in 2006, when it was named a POWER Top Plant for its use of reclaimed water for cooling and for fitting an advanced four-unit facility into a constrained brownfield site. Now PSEG’s Linden Generating Station becomes a two-time Top Plant winner for its embrace of advanced digital monitoring and analytics to stay competitive in the red-hot PJM market.

Valley Power Plant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Owner/operator: We Energies
Converting a boiler’s fuel source from coal to natural gas involves a lot of planning and reengineering. When the plant is the sole steam service supplier to a downtown metropolitan area, it also involves a rigid schedule. The Valley Power Plant overcame several challenges to successfully complete one such conversion.

Mátra Power Plant, Visonta, Hungary
Owner/operator: Mátra Power Plant Co. Ltd.
Hungary’s largest coal-fired power plant is a model of efficiency and environmental impact despite its 1960s-era vintage. Continual upgrades have kept the plant running smoothly, and a modern dense slurry ash-handling system keeps combustion residuals under control and allows for a zero liquid discharge posture.

National Capital Power Station Dadri, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
Owner/operator: NTPC Ltd.
India’s state-owned generator NTPC operates a large fleet of power plants across the nation, and one of its top performers is found outside the capital of New Delhi. Staff at NTPC Dadri have taken a proactive, innovative approach to maintaining their plant, making it one of the most efficient in India despite its 1990s vintage.

Tanjung Bin Energy Power Plant, Johor, Malaysia
Owner/operator: Malakoff Corp. Bhd.
Building a power plant on a site previously used for an aquaculture farm comes with more than a few challenges. For the Tanjung Bin Energy Power Plant, that meant some redesign and rework was required. Even so, the GE-led construction consortium made adjustments and delivered the state-of-the-art ultrasupercritical project on time and on budget.

Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Owner/operator: Rosenergoatom
Fast-neutron reactors are pivotal to Russia’s ambitious nuclear power plans. The successful construction, grid-connection, and testing of the country’s first BN-800 reactor at its Beloyarsk nuclear plant is a major achievement in the right direction.

Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, Fujian Province, China
Owner/operator: China General Nuclear Power Group/ Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co. Ltd
China is on an epic build-out of its nuclear generating capacity, and developing indigenous expertise and technology is central to that goal. The first completed plant leveraging the nation’s CPR-1000 design is a trendsetter showcasing China’s emergence as a nuclear energy leader.

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Delta, Pennsylvania
Owner/operator: Exelon Generation and PSEG Nuclear/Exelon Generation
When decision-makers choose to increase the maximum output of a nuclear power plant through an uprate, it sets in motion a process that can take many years and countless man-hours to complete. The success of Peach Bottom station’s extended power uprate project shows that all the long hours and hard work can be worthwhile.

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge, Benton County, Indiana
Owner/operator: Pattern Energy
Just as Seattle’s Amazon.com jumpstarted the online shopping trend, it’s now part of another trend that has major corporations owning or contracting for sizable grid-connected renewable power facilities. A new wind farm in rural Indiana is part of that story.

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, Tonopah, Nevada
Owner/operator: SolarReserve
Three-and-a-half hours north of Las Vegas, in a rocky, desolate stretch of Nevada desert, an innovative solar-storage plant has nearly completed a year of commercial operations. It also may have delivered proof of round-the-clock dispatchable solar energy.

Gibe III Hydroelectric Project, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia
Owner/operator: Ethiopian Electric Power Corp.
Building the 1,870-MW Gibe III hydroelectric project required unprecedented solutions that took into account the remoteness of the site, the narrow gorge where the dam is located, the height of the dam, and challenges in sourcing reliable materials.

Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility 2, West Palm Beach, Florida
Owner/operator: Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County/Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Although waste-to-energy (WTE) technology is well proven, the relatively low cost of landfilling garbage in the U.S. has foiled new power plant construction for many years. However, a facility in Florida—the first greenfield WTE project the U.S. has seen in 20 years—shows it’s still possible to utilize this often “wasted” resource.

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