Mississippi, Alabama & Florida Gulf Coast Industrial Locator - 2015 Edition

Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

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Format: Laminated, High Resolution Inkjet
Available Size: 42" x 52"
Publication Date: July 2015

As of May 2015, Industrial Info is tracking more than $365 billion in industrial projects that are under way or planned to begin in the future along the U.S. Gulf Coast. More than $19 billion of these projects are located along the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast. Oil & Gas Production accounts for more than $9.6 billion of these projects, followed by Electric Power, which has more than $3.2 billion in active projects in the region.


In addition to Industrial Info Resources showing the geographic location of facilities, Plant listings feature:

  • Owner Name
  • Plant Name
  • Plant Operating Status (operational, under construction)
  • Plant SIC Code
  • Geo-Reference (State and County)
  • Telephone Number
  • Status of Spending Activity categorized in to three major groups:

      - Project(s) started prior to 2015
      - Project(s) planned to start construction in 2015
      - Project(s) planned to start construction Beyond 2015

Geographical Display

Geographical display features political boundaries, county names, major metropolitan areas and cities, interstate and US highways, major railroads, and major hydrography features such as rivers and lakes.

Detailed map of highly concentrated areas, including:

  • Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Mobile County, Alabama



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