Legal and Regulatory Compilation Guidebook 2015

Legal and Regulatory Compilation Guidebook 2015



Covering an array of legal and regulatory issues in the power generation industry. These articles were previously featured in POWER magazine and will quickly become your go-to resource for business questions. 

Updated in January, 2016. Delivered in a PDF format.

Topics Include:

Pacific Northwest Moving Ahead with Climate Change Policy?
Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax, Clean Fuels Program

Removing Regulatory Roadblocks for PEVs
Should EVSE Providers Be Regulated as Public Utilities? Should Electric Distribution Utilities Own and Operate EVSE? The Future

Cape Wind Finally Blows Out
Its chances of closing financing . . . without a PPA in place are basically nil.

The “Dark Side” of Reliability Regulation
CIP-014-1 is crafted in the modern, results-oriented NERC style and attempts to maximize compliance flexibility. It requires that transmission operators
and some transmission owners conduct a risk-based assessment to determine transmission stations and substations with a “critical impact” on the
grid, consider the “potential threats and vulnerabilities of a physical attack” on each asset, and then develop and implement a program to mitigate the
hypothetical threats and vulnerabilities.

Clean Air Act Section 111(d): The Case for Multi-State Compliance
Pooling Efforts to Ease Transition, Challenges for Multi-State Cooperation, Suggestions for the Path Forward

CAISO Goes Big and Leaves Home
Too Much of a Good Thing, Regional Tensions, Balancing Act

Increasing Environmental Challenges for Renewable Energy
For decades, renewable energy sources—primarily wind and solar— have been touted as the answer to continued reliance on fossil fuels. The technology
has substantially improved, reducing unit costs, and state-imposed requirements have increased demand, enabling increased production to be

Cyber Threats: Is the Sky Falling or Is the Threat Real?
Who would have thought that hackers could have stolen over $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries in orchestrated attacks? Who would
have thought that hackers could have compromised more than 80 million user accounts from one of the nation’s largest banks? Who would have
thought that hackers could have accessed sensitive information belonging to 80 million consumers from one of the nation’s largest health insurers?

Get Ready for MATS 2.0
Not the End, Just Another Chapter

California’s Bold Move Toward Default Time-of-Use Rates
The CPUC’s Proposed TOU Rate Structure for California, The Impact of TOU Rate Design on California’s Renewable Energy Goals, Success or Failure

FERC’s Enforcement Priorities After 10 Years Under the EPAct
Market Manipulation and Cybersecurity

Goldilocks, Ozone, and Obama’s EPA
A Distasteful Brew, Goldilocks’ Porridge

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