Focus on O&M Guidebook: 2017

O and M 2017



This guidebook exclusively features plant operations and maintenance articles, including full charts, photographs, graphs and step-by-step instructions previously featured in POWER magazine.

Available in a PDF format.

Articles Include:

Gas Chromatographs Offer New Technology for Power Plant Burner Control

  • The Benefits of Gas Chromatograph Technology
  • Real-World Applications
  • Reducing Cost, Increasing Simplicity

Counterfeit Parts: Why Authenticity Is Imperative

  • Buying with Uncertainty
  • The Rise of Counterfeits
  • How to Buy Authentic Proper Scaffold Access Plan Helps Reduce Radiation Exposure

Eddy Current Tube Inspections Efficiently Find Defects

  • Obtaining Accurate Eddy Current Test Results
  • Tube Plugging
  • A Secure Solution
  • Access Rights and Audit Trails
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Using Rotor-In Major Inspections to Shorten Outages and Drive Safety

  • What Is a Rotor-In Major Inspection?
  • How Rotor-In Major Inspections Work
  • Benefits vs. Rotor-Out n Dissimilar-Metal Weld Is a Misnomer
  • Carbon Content/Strength

Inlet Air Cooling Systems Improve Gas Turbine Performance

  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Chilling n Newly Designed Deluge Valve Improves Functionality
  • You’re Never Fully Dressed without Flame-Resistant Clothing
  • Lesson Learned
  • Regulations and Standards Safeguard Workers
  • Choosing the Right Flame-Resistant Clothing
  • PID Loop Tuning Pocket Guide Released

Advanced Turbine Dynamics Monitoring System Proven Effective

  • Utilizing TDMS in the Field
  • Additional Testing Demonstrates Benefits
  • Personal Protective Equipment Vending Simplifies
  • Employee Safety
  • Outdated Safety Measures
  • A Simplified Distribution Process
  • Time Savings and Cost Reductions

The Importance of Maintaining Fly Ash Hopper Bin Level Monitoring

  • Fly Ash Properties
  • Historical Solutions
  • Today’s Technological Solutions
  • Tackling NERC CIP and Cybersecurity at America’s Largest Gasfired Cogeneration Plant
  • Manpower Limitations

Plant Converts to Combined Cycle Operation with Help of Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flowmeter

  • Flow Measurement Problems
  • A Mass Flowmeter Solution
  • Thermal Flow Sensing Advanced Cleanup Practices for Alloy 2205 FGD Absorbers

Parts Exchange Program Saves Money, Keeps Xcel’s Turbine Fleet Spinning

  • Working with Key Suppliers
  • Managing Inventory
  • Additional Benefits
  • Tips for Centrifugal Pump Safety


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