Communication, Control and Security Challenges for the Smart Grid

Communication, Control and Security Challenges for the Smart Grid

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The Smart Grid is a modern electricity grid allowing for distributed, renewable intermittent generation, partly owned by consumers. This requires advanced control and communication technologies in order to provide high quality power supply and secure generation, transmission and distribution. This book outlines these emerging technologies.

This essential reading focuses specifically on security and control aspects of the smart grid. It covers various related topics including smart grid architecture; communications and networking features; measuring and sensing devices; and smart transmission and distribution. Particular emphasis is placed on security, reliability, and stability features. Different control aspects of smart grid are also covered. Each chapter includes examples, case studies, simulations and experimental results, making this a practical and essential resource for professional researchers and advanced students alike.

Published: March 2017, 576 pages

Topics covered include:

* An introduction to smart grid architecture
* Smart grid communications and standards
* Measurement and sensing devices for smart grids
* Smart transmission and wide area monitoring system
* Bad data detection in smart grids
* Optimal energy management in smart grids
* Communication and control for the smart grid
* Smart consumer systems
* Importance of energy storage systems in smart grids
* Control and optimisation for integration of plug-in vehicles in smart grids
* Multi-agent based control of smart grids
* Compressive sensing for smart grid security and reliability
* Optimum placement of FACTS devices in smart grids
* Security analysis of smart grid
* Smart grid security policies and regulations

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction and Motivation – S.M. Muyeen and Saifur Rahman
2. Smart Grid Architecture – Key Elements and Definitions- Sebastian Lehnhoff, Mathias Uslar
3. Smart Grid Communications & Standards- Noman Bashir, Naveed Ul Hassan, Chau Yuen, Wayes Tushar
4. Measurement and Sensing Devices for Smart Grid- Ahmed S Musleh, Ahmed Al-Durra, Mohammed Abou Khousa
5. Smart Transmission & Wide Area Monitoring System- Yong Liu, Shutang You, Yilu Liu
6. Bad Data Detection in Smart Grid- Haris M Khalid, Ahmed Al-Durra
7. Optimal Energy Management in Smart Grid- Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, Maria Luisa Di Silvestre, Gaetano Zizzo, Ninh Nguyen Quang, Adriana Carolina Luna Hernandez, Josep Maria Guerrero
8. Communication and Control for the Smart Grid- Jasrul Jamani Jamian, Muhammad Ariff Baharudin, Mohd Wazir Mustafa, Hazlie Mokhlis
9. Smart Consumer System- Abdul R. Beig
10. Importance of Energy Storage System in Smart Grid- Faisal Mumtaz, Islam Safak Bayram, Ali Elrayyah
11. Control and Optimization for Integration of Plug-in Vehicles in Smart Grid- Zhile Yang, Kang Li
12. Multi-agent Based Control of Smart Grids- KTMU Hempala, SL Jayasighe, AL Kulasekera
13. Compressive Sensing for Smart Grid Security and Reliability- Mohammad Babakmehr, Marcelo Godoy Simoes, Ahmed Al-Durra
14. Stability Enhancement Issues of Power Grid- Mr Srinivasa Rao Kamala
15. Security Analysis of Smart Grid- Charalambos Konstantinou, Michail Maniatakos
16. Smart Grid Security Policies and Regulations- Robert Czechowski         

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